Monday, March 29, 2010


Back in our pre-Fayetteville days, the Mr. and I briefly lived in Vienna for a few months--it was wonderful in so many different ways...we were newly married, living in a new place, and the whole world felt like a giant adventure. Food and travel were at the center of that adventure--and I spent whole days walking around the city eating and checking out gourmet shops. Among other things, I discovered an amazing chocolate that I've never been able to find stateside. (Hopefully, someone out there in internet-land will hear this cry and set up shop nearby!)

Zotter Chocolate is AMAZING: it combines incredible and unusual ingredients together in the most amazing and surprising ways: goiji berries and sesame nougat, rose petals, styrian pumpkin seeds....yum.

Click here for the company's UK homepage. I don't see the full range of flavors that I found in Vienna, but the site explains a bit about the company and is worth checking out. (And Zotter, if you are listening--I'm ready and willing to work as a future tastetester!)

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